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All About Gia Sabatini

Starting my artistic journey in 2018, the desire to create art that I attained soon became an unyielding obligation to myself to explore the inner mechanism of my creative consciousness.


I employ a variety of materials in my work. To add textures and layers, I use molding paste, recycled tire shreds, or coffee grounds. And for paints, I use acrylics, watercolors, and alcohol inks. I particularly like the way watercolors and acrylics interact with each other. With each having their own strong personalities, they create discourse when brought together. The juxtaposition of the harsh thick acrylic with the soft thin watercolors and fluid light alcohol ink tell a story throughout my work. My artwork comes from something inside of me, whether it is an internal conversation, or an emotion for which I cannot find words. The paint lets me get it out and confront it.

I go into every blank canvas with a beginning thought or emotion.   As my work evolves I have learned to expect and appreciate the uncertainty of each texture, color, or brush stroke. I allow the colors and textures to guide me, allowing for organic and intuitive works to emerge. I use painting as a way to reflect what I see and feel at a given time, in the rawest form. Most days you can find me in the studio with my daughters, who are a constant source of motivation and inspiration

If you would like to find out more about my process, get in touch.

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